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An iPhone Love Affair, Or, Random Thoughts From the Sleepy Sugar-Stoned

In Anxiety, Coping, Uncategorized on February 16, 2011 at 12:00 pm

I’m writing this post via my new best friend (excuse me while I check my mail) while I drink hot chocolate, having already eaten Haagen Daaz and a cupcake today, on top of a cupcake, Haagen Daaz and 3 leftover kindergarten Valentine’s cookies yesterday, while watching Kirk do a manly exercise video (oh, got to check my mail!) and feeling like throwing up, anxious that I am getting a gastro though it’s probably just the sheer sugar disgustingness roiling about in my stomach. Kirk is now moving on to “ab-ripper” (my phone just buzzed!).

I am struggling. I am tired. I am facing many student complaints, which is causing me to emit a constant high-pitched hum seemingly only Indie can hear.

I am trying to find money to get us through summer and so am teaching two courses (childcare hyperventilation) and am pleased to report Ontario taxpayers are helping me write a new book (I can type with my thumbs!). For the first time in a long time, I do not have time to read for pleasure (excluding the Xanadu of my phone). I am setting up a consulting business, which takes up much time. Hence the post-paucity.

The “Condition of the House” remains the Berlin Wall of marital communication (oh, phone, comfort me!)

Aksel has decided he’s an excellent conversationalist at 3 a.m. “Ba Ba Ba Ba Mum mum mum mum bvvvvst bvvvvst” – all the while getting up on his hands and knees, flopping down, up on hands and knees, flopping down …(pause to scrape oatmeal off iPhone cover) …

Zzzzz (phone cuddles)

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